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Rasuwa Treks and Expedition is a leading local operator in tourism, specializing in tours, trekking and expedition. Our decades of professional experience in providing uncompromising service has established us as a renowned agency in Nepal. The company is owned by the Nepali operators, who have contributed decades of time in leading trekkers and climbers into the core of the Himalayas and assisted being fully responsible. Our identity has been further extended by the excellent trip arrangement for our valuable clients not only in Nepal but also in Tibet and Bhutan. 

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  • Adventure Trekking

    Adventure Trekking

    7 Packages

    Join us for the adventure of a lifetime; there’s nothing quite like a trek in Nepal to lift your spirits…

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  • Cultural and Heritage tour

    Cultural and Heritage tour

    Nepal culture is a consequence of blending of influences from its neighboring countries and the indigenous ethnicity over a period…

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  • Volunteer with us

    Volunteer with us

    To bring a change in the society and uplifting the access of the marginalized communities in education, health, sanitation, drinking…

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