Nepal Trekking

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime; there’s nothing quite like a trek in Nepal to lift your spirits and invigorate your body. However fit and healthy you are, we have a trek just for you! Ranging from easy to challenging, we describe each category of trek below so you can make the right choice for you. Whichever trek you choose, you can be assured of friendly, personal service accompanied by unbeatable views and striking scenery.

See you soon on the trail!

A typical trekking day in Nepal

How can we begin? Every day is different... here’s just one idea of a typical day... 
At 06.00, as the sun begins to rise above the Himalayas, a smiling Sherpa delivers a steaming hot cup of tea to the door of your tent with a charming “Good morning, Didi!” Half an hour or so later, your bags packed and ready for the porters to carry to the night’s stop, you’re served breakfast of porridge or cornflakes and a variety of eggs and toast or pancakes. By 07.30 or 08.00 you’re trekking along the trail, carrying only a light daypack with the things you need for the day, taking in all the wonderful scenic views. The kitchen boys run on ahead to prepare morning tea and lunch. 

By 11.00 or so you’re resting in the shade, sipping hot lemon, as a hot lunch is freshly prepared and served.  A couple of hours later you’re on the road again; again the kitchen boys are racing on ahead, with their bulky loads of saucepans clanging together and perhaps playing the tune of Resam Phriri, that famous Nepali folk song that you are sure to be humming in your sleep by the time you finish the trek!

By 16.30—17.30 you’re in camp, swapping stories with your fellow trekkers while the kitchen boys and Sherpas serve tea and biscuits with their ever-captivating smiles. After a bowl of hot water to refresh yourself, dinner is served in our mess tent, before bed typically at 20.00—21.00. After an invigorating day’s walk and a refreshing sleep, you’re ready for an early start at 06.00 the next day...


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